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About Regal Nomad

I am just a regular dude, my name is Seth. 

The name Regal Nomad is a great description of many Van Lifers who are living this life style purely out of choice rather than being in a position of involuntary homelessness. 

If your like me, you understand the frustration of wanting to explore different regions of the world yet feeling stuck in the same town/city in order to "make ends meet" and very slowly build up savings to eventually travel for 2 measly weeks.

Besides  the desire to travel... my reasons for doing this are also more business/financially driven.

I mean let's face it, the purchasing power of the US dollar has tanked pretty substantially over the last 30 years...


(Not to mention the last100 years of our nations economic history)


Van Life offers me a way to save and invest more of my hard earned cash into some property or assets of my own one day.

My hope is that others in similar circumstances recognize Van Life can at least be a temporary path they can take to stay ahead. 

Another major benefit of Van Life is the development of Discipline and Routine that was so difficult for me to embrace before Van Life.

It's good for human beings to live just a little rough from time to time. 

After several years of playing with the idea of Van Life, I decided to jump into it with both feet following a difficult break up...

I quickly found out that life on the road it is not quite as easy, simple, or cheap as I thought it would be. 

There have been many lessons I have learned along my journey.


My intention is to share all of those lessons so that you can avoid going thru a difficult "learning curve."

Everything you read on this blog comes from my own personal experiences and mistakes made along the way.


It is designed to give you all the shortcuts and make Van Life as easy and fun as possible for you.

If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions on how to make this resource better, then just reach out! 

Remember, your not alone on this journey...


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